About Us

More than 20 Years of Industry Experience

PPC is one of the well-respected and prominent Regulatory Consulting Organization for the life sciences industry. It was founded by visionary Mr. R.M. Gupta (M. Pharmacy) in 1987. The company is currently celebrating its Silver Jubilee. PPC is the pioneer Regulatory Organization for assisting in regulation compliance of healthcare products such as Medical devices, API, Pharmaceuticals, Phytochemicals, Biologicals, Herbals and Nutrients. Most importantly PPC is designed to support Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmaceutical profession and continuing education toward regulatory affairs.

PPC is branded as “Intelligent Regulatory Solutions”. The branding and dynamic logo conveys the proactive nature and importance of PPC in solving complex regulatory problems most intelligently. PPC plays important role in registration of pharmaceutical products and meeting the regulation of healthcare and related products across the globe.

We have designed our company to simplify and speedup the regulatory compliance. Our work culture makes PPC unique, valuable and different. We are fully committed to the regulatory profession and its practitioners. We are passionate about providing intelligent regulatory solutions and helping regulatory professionals to excel in their jobs. We help our customers to lead in regulatory compliance. We support them for meet regulatory challenges of the present and future. We are really focused on driving regulatory excellence at all levels. Our tagline “Intelligent Regulatory Solutions” has a certain authenticity. It resonates with all our customers and regulatory authorities. 

Our team consists of highly knowledged and experienced CMC Experts, Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Pharmacologists, Clinicians and Senior Scientists drawn from the Industry. The practical regulatory and operations experience is a vital part of our organization

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